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the most popular smart door lock 2021 in shooping festerval online 6.18

Since the birth of the lock, there has been a key with it. The tradition of opening a lock with one key has been for thousands of years. However, the wheel of scientific and technological civilization is constantly advancing. It is a progress from scratch. It is also a progress from the traditional key to fingerprint, face and voice. Now that the world has entered the era of intelligence, the traditional door lock will eventually become a history, and the intelligent door lock is rising. Now we can really put away the key.

Whether the era of intelligent door lock is coming or not can be seen from the sales volume of 618 intelligent door lock in 2021. Deshmann, the leading brand in the intelligent door lock industry, won the first place in 15 items in the whole process of 618. The sales volume of the whole network exceeded 100000 sets, with a year-on-year growth of over 118%. Another Internet enterprise, MI technology smart door lock, also sold more than 200 million yuan on the whole platform.

Put away the key and enter the era of intelligent door lock

The hot market will inevitably attract the attention of capital. In April this year, the brand of smart door lock "kaadas CADIS" completed nearly 100 million US dollars of round B strategic financing. According to the public information, this is the highest single round financing amount in the smart door lock industry so far.