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China (Wenzhou) Int'l Hardware and Lock Exhibition is hosted by China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters, Wenzhou Hardware Chamber of Commerce, and Zhejiang Donnor International Exhibition Co., Ltd. It relies on Wenzhou’s national-level advantages such as "China Lock Capital", "China Lock Import and Export Base", "China Smart Lock Production Base", and "(Lock) National-level Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base" to create an industry exhibition and trade platform with international influence. The exhibition will comprehensively promote internationalization, with a focus on increasing the publicity and promotion efforts of countries related to “the Belt and Road Initiative” and RCEP, strengthening communication with embassies, industry associations, and other relevant institutions, and organizing relevant purchasing enterprises to visit and purchase.

Intelligent Upgrading "Double Cycle" Brings A New Pattern of Development

In recent years, the government has vigorously promoted the development of the artificial intelligence industry, and the deepening of the layout of China's smart home industry chain will realize technological autonomy and improve the smart door lock industry chain. The increasing diversification of smart home products, home platform has been built, smart home communication standards will gradually be unified, application scenarios will gradually expand, and intelligence will be accessed in more life scenarios.

The current 5G Internet of Everything curtain is opening, in order to seize the smart lock industry development wind, as an important domestic hardware&lock industry agglomeration, Wenzhou Hardware and Lock Exhibition emerged, relying on the "Chinese locks", "China Lock Export Base", "China Intelligent Lock Production Base", "(Lock) National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base" and other national name cards, with the goal of becoming the leading annual event in the hardware&lock industry with global influence. Holding "Digital + offline exhibition" dual platform as a carrier, integration of domestic and foreign industry chain upstream and downstream resources, to boost high-quality development of the industry.

The exhibition will focus on locks, handles, functional hardware, small hardware, access control system, security products, doors accessories, mechanical equipment, etc.. At the same time, it will launch international publicity and buyer organization, and make every effort to create "digitalization", "clustering", "servicing" and "Internationalization" platform of the hardware and lock industry, helping Wenzhou hardware&lock industry with international&domestic double-cycle development.

Where is Wenzhou?

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